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Byredo Bibliotheque Edp For Unisex 50 Ml

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Niche Perfumes, Unisex,
Name : Byredo Bibliotheque Edp For Unisex 50 Ml Brand : BYREDO Gender :Unisex Size :50 ML Concentration :Eau de Perfume More Information : Distilled into a pure essence each Night Veils fragrance taps noble raw materials chosen with meticulous care. With its high concentration this new trio reinvents a new perfume ritual.Casablanca Lily was inspired by the thriving city that rises on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. From its Berber roots to its colonial heritage Casablanca’s modern identity is a mix of diverse cultures a place in constant change between tradition and modernity. Given time the city unravels itself revealing the most amazing corners a vibrant kaleidoscope of Moroccan life found nowhere else. The fragrance surrounds you like the elegance of the city that inspired it: abundance richness and grandeur combined.

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