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Lalique Azalee Edp For Women 100 Ml

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Name : Lalique Azalee Edp For Women 100 Ml Brand : Lalique Gender :Women Size :100 ML Concentration :Eau de Perfume More Information : My Life, My Dream, My Passion are three perfumes from a very interesting collection by the house of Gres, and they were launched in honour of Marlene Dietrich. The collection Hommage a Marlene Dietrich was presented in 2007, as a game on components, colours, art, history... Her eccentricity and elegance inspired creators to offer chic perfumes with a breath of past Parisian times, but interpreted in modern way. Advertising poster that represents this interesting collection puts Marlene’s spiritual posture from the movie The Shanghai Express in the first plan, in a game of different colours. The colours stand for various moods and roles. They are created in the same form with a discrete game on colours on details of the bottle. The wish for metamorphosis of feelings and change of female character is perfectly painted with change of nuances of colours. Hommage a Marlene Dietrich My Passion was also introduced in 2007. Its passionate composition was created by Jean-Christophe Herault and Sidonie Lancesseur in floral rhythm. This creation was composed to awake and accentuate the 'vamp' in each woman. It was presented with a motto: "The good Fortune of being compassionate". The perfume opens with scents of apple, cinnamon and lily of the valley, with orange blossom in the heart and the base notes of amber, vanilla and musk. Available as 60 ml EDP. It is worth mentioning that design of the prestigious collection was done by artistic studio Aesthete. The collection has been on the market since spring 2008 and the price is 59 euro for a 60 ml EDP.

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