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Nasomatto Blamage Edp For Unisex 30 Ml

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Niche Perfumes, Unisex,
Name : Nasomatto Blamage Edp For Unisex 30 Ml Brand : Nasomatto Gender :Unisex Size :30 ML Concentration :Eau de Perfume More Information : Patricia de Nicolaï retranscribes here her fascination for the city which never sleeps with its so intoxicating "oriental paw": after some spicy zest, pepper and clove spice up the patchouli bordered with vanilla, incense and balms.This spicy oriental was acclaimed by Luca Turin, one of the first perfume critics in 1992, in the cult book "Perfume, The Guide". It also perfumes the adventures of San Antonio, whose author Frédéric Dard, was one of the first aficionados.

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