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Return and Refund Policy

How can I exchange or return a product that I have purchased?

If you are not satisfied with a product because there is a defect in it, or you received a product different from your order, or you want to replace or return products within the specified period, we are here to serve you.
You can submit a request here [email protected]

How long can I exchange or return the product?

We at Doobzi give our valued customers a period of 7 days to replace or return the products, and the product must be in its original packaging with its labels and unopened.
You can review our exchange and return policy here

Can I get the amount I paid back?

We provide our valued customers with a service of refunding the amounts they paid in case the product was damaged by the shipping process or a different product arrived from your order by replacing it with vouchers of the same value.

I no longer want the order, can it be cancelled?

You can cancel your order at any time before it has been shipped from our warehouse, but after your order has been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it.

Not be able to cancel it?

Please send a cancellation request from here or call our customer service team at the number.
Please note that if the order is canceled after shipment or the shipping company employee does not respond for illogical reasons, you may have to stop the payment on delivery service from your account in the future.

How long can I return the product?

Doobzi gives its valued customers a period of 7 days to exchange or return the products as of the date you received the product.
The product must be in its original packaging with its labels and unopened.

How long does the product exchange process take?

We kindly ask you to inform us of your desire to replace the product in the event that the shipping process is damaged or there is an error in the order as soon as possible.
We will issue a return policy for the products you wish to exchange and when they reach us and check them we will ship the products you wish to exchange.

Do I bear the shipping costs for return and exchange?

Yes, if the return or exchange is for a reason other than a defect in the manufacture of the product or the product does not match what is in the purchase order, Doobzi does not bear the return and replacement shipping costs.