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Sofia Vergara Love Edp For Women 100 Ml

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Global Perfumes, Female,
Name : Sofia Vergara Love Edp For Women 100 Ml Brand : Sofia Vergara Gender :Women Size :100 ML Concentration :Eau de Perfume More Information : Exquisitely finished with three types of roses from Morocco, Grasse and Bulgaria, Oumma from Stéphane Humbert Lucas is a mastery of contrasts for the senses. Crafted as a tribute to the Oud, the subtle and delicate top notes of jasmine and balsam are contrasted against deep and woody base notes for a full-bodied olfactory experience.Top notes: Egyptian jasmine, Moroccan roseMiddle notes: Peruvian balsam, Balsam tolu, Grasse, Bulgarian roseBase notes: Ashes of cade, Burmese oud, Nagarmotha.

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