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Sospiro Muse Edp For Unisex 100 Ml

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Niche Perfumes, Unisex,
Name : Sospiro Muse Edp For Unisex 100 Ml Brand : Sospiro Gender :Unisex Size :100 ML Concentration :Eau de Perfume More Information : The fragrance has captured the roughness of semi-desert climate where Boswellia tree grows. Incense extreme reminds of Boswellia resin scent, translucent like the smoke of Boswellia resin burning on the coal, and crisp as desert night.Head Notes:Coriander With Fresh Petit Grain.Heart Notes:A Rich Incense , Softened With Orris Wood.Body Notes:Dry And Vibrant Woods Over A Rich Amber Gris Base.

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